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La Crosse Veterinary Clinic has a team of certified veterinary technicians, supervisors, veterinary assistants, and receptionists to assist our veterinarians with their day-to-day tasks. Our staff is dedicated to your pet’s well-being and helping them down the road to wellness. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our staff members, Contact Us today!


Tristene Mikel Client Services/IT Supervisor

Tristene joined the team in 2004. As an IT supervisor and skilled multi-tasker, she loves being able to organize and supervise different areas of the clinic and staying busy. She also enjoys troubleshooting computers and lab analyzers, and welcomes the various experiences that come with each new day. Tristene is married with three children, several chickens, two dogs, and two cats. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys camping, geocaching, hiking, swimming, and working around her house. Her love of the outdoors extends to a love for wild animals as well; wolves are her favorite animals due to their powerful, intelligent, and resourceful nature.


Pat Bye Bookkeeper/Inventory Supervisor

Pat joined the La Crosse Veterinary Clinic team in 1998. With 16 years at the practice, she has had the privilege of being involved with countless positive experiences with her co-workers. She enjoys being part of a team that is dedicated to providing pets with high-quality care and clients with friendly customer service. Pat is married and is the "pet mom" of one cat, which is also her favorite animal. She spends her leisure time knitting, gardening, and geocaching. She also loves to travel, and would love the opportunity to travel more.

Core Team Members

Krissy Buchheit, CVT

Krissy began working as a CVT at our clinic in 2009 after earning her associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Madison Area Technical College. One of the things she enjoys most about her position is seeing the love and dedication that pet owners have for their pet family members and being able to make a difference for them. Her own love for animals and the medical aspect of pet care is what led to her position at the clinic. Although she has had many notable experiences with animals, one of her most memorable was actually with a horse, riding on the beaches in Jamaica. Krissy is married with a daughter, son, a dog, and two cats. She spends her free time with family and friends and being active.

Sarah Miles, CVT

Sarah joined the team in 1996 with a love for exotic pets in particular and handling unusual pet emergencies. Since childhood, she has been close to animals and loves helping them in any way she can. She loves that her position as a CVT is always exciting with new learning experiences. Her favorite part of the job is meeting new pets and their families and working with senior pets. Sarah is married with two children. She is also a "pet mom" to a cat, a guinea pig, leopard gecko, aquarium fish, and seven chickens. When she’s not at the clinic, she spends her time with her family, reading, camping, hiking, being outdoors, and bee keeping. She also enjoys arts and crafts.

Diana Ornes, CVT

Diana has been with the team since 2013 after earning her associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Globe University. She has had many interesting experiences in her career, but the most memorable was the first time she assisted with a C-section on a dog. The feeling of being the person to bring that puppy to life was one like no other for her. Although her career isn’t all "puppies and kitten snuggles," it’s everything she anticipated it would be. She loves getting to know clients and their pets and how rewarding her position is. She is married with three children. She also has three cats, two dogs, a herd of show rabbits, show sheep, dairy cattle—and the whole farm that comes with them.

Mary Samuelson, Veterinary Tech Assistant

Mary began working as a veterinary tech assistant at La Crosse Veterinary clinic in 2005 with more than 26 years of experience working with animals. Her position enables her to have many unique and interesting experiences with pets, which has made her an excellent multi-tasker over the years. She gladly welcomes the unpredictability of every day. She also loves having a great team to work with and being part of the recovery of a sick pet. She shares her home with her life partner and several fur babies, including a cat and two dogs. In her spare time, Mary enjoys being outside and on the river. She also loves to fish, paddleboard, kayak, jet ski, go on pontoon rides, bicycling, walking, and doing yard work. In the winter, she also enjoys billiards.

Jessica Servais, CVT

Jessica earned her associate’s degree in veterinary technology, and joined the team in 2011. She loves working in a medical environment and helping animals. She also enjoys being part of a team that is focused on the same goal: giving patients and clients the best care possible and helping to improve their lives. One of her most notable memories as a CVT was when she and Dr. Lee received flowers from a client for delivering a litter of Yorkie puppies on emergency. Jessica shares her home with her husband, two cats, and two dogs. She spends her leisure time riding motorcycles, snowmobiling, camping, and traveling. In the future, she hopes to one day start a grooming, daycare, and boarding veterinary clinic with 24-hour emergency care.

Heather Shaw, CVT

Heather attended the University of Texas-Tyler where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Kinesiology. She also underwent training at the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology to obtain her vet tech degree. Heather chose her career path because she loves all animals, and derives a lot of joy from helping them. Her favorite part of working at our clinic is getting to help animals on a daily basis, and learning new things every day. Heather is known for her work ethic, efficiency, and friendly customer service. Her family includes her husband Greg, their daughter Olivia, and two pets: a Lab named Jordy, and Reggie, a domestic shorthair. In her spare time, Heather loves outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, fishing and camping, and spending time with her growing family.

Echo Viner, CVT

As a licensed and certified veterinary technician, Echo loves helping sick pets recover and assisting with surgical procedures. She earned her associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Globe University and bachelor’s degree in social studies from UW-River Falls. She has always had a love for animals, but her passion for caring for sick pets and helping them down the road to recovery was birthed when she volunteered at an animal shelter years ago. Echo is the proud "pet parent" of three dogs and two cats. When she’s not caring for pets at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic, she spends her time fishing, kayaking, playing games, cooking, crocheting, and reading. Her favorite movie is The Big Sleep.

Kaylee Plantikow, CVT

KayleeOn her way to becoming a CVT, Kaylee attended Madison Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she earned her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Veterinary Technology. She chose a career path in veterinary medicine because she has loved helping animals since she was very young. Her favorite part of working as a CVT at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic is building lasting relationships with patients and clients. Kaylee and her fiancé Robin have five pets: Shira, a Boxer; Gizmo, a Teddy Bear; Cleopatra, a Siamese; and Meeko and Jasmine, both tabbies. She enjoys spending time on her fiancé’s farm when she’s not at work, and scrapbooking.

Stephanie Wemette, Receptionist

Stephanie began working as a receptionist at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic in 2004. She enjoys working with animals and the ongoing learning experiences of animal healthcare that come along with it. As a receptionist at the clinic, she also loves visiting with clients and patients. Stephanie is married with two dogs, which are her favorite animals. She loves bowling, making fleece-tied blankets, reading about holistic diets, supplements, and other health-related topics, and baking. In fact, baking/frosting cookie cutouts is one of her special talents. She is very passionate about health, both for people and pets. Her favorite book is How to Have a Healthier Dog.

Jan Wiggert, Receptionist

Jan joined the La Crosse Veterinary Clinic team in 1999. She has always wanted to work with animals, and is known for her excellent communication skills and ability to empathize with clients during their difficult times. She loves learning more about animal health and helping people keep their pets healthy and happy. Jan is married, and shares her home with her favorite animals: cats and horses. She has five cats, four Arabian horses, and two dogs at home. Jan has bred, trained, and shown four Arabian national champions, and has had several memorable experiences over the years at the Nationals in Louisville and Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. When she’s not caring for pets or training horses, she loves to read and garden.

Kali Froncek, Receptionist

Kali has always been passionate about animals, and loves that her position at our clinic lets her have a small hand in helping them. Her favorite part about working here is welcoming all the puppies and kittens with their new families, and meeting so many wonderful pets. Kali is known for babying our resident fluff-monster, Huck the clinic cat, when she has the time. She and Jay, her partner of five years, share their home with a black cat named Starlord. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies with Jay, checking out new restaurants, making new meals at home, reading outside when it’s warm and exploring Wisconsin.

Rachael Wuensch, Receptionist

Rachael joined the La Crosse team in 2018. Before that, she attended Lawrence University, where she majored in both Psychology and Studio Art. She chose her career path because she enjoys helping and learning about others. At the clinic she enjoys making connections with people and their pets while offering them the best care and service possible. Her favorite aspect of working as a receptionist is learning something new every day and meeting all of our new patients! She does not have any pets at the moment, but she loves dog and cat sitting for her family and friends.

Huckleberry, Clinic Cat

Huck has been with La Crosse Veterinary Clinic since 2017. From greeting clients and patients to getting his daily brushing, Huck brings a lot to the clinic. He’s been known to steal toys from the welcome bags meant for kittens and puppies. Huck enjoys finding things made from plastic or rubber during his free time as he is fond of chewing on them. His medical records would show history of multiple foreign body surgeries so Huck felt living at a vet clinic would really benefit his well being. His favorite part of being a member of La Crosse Veterinary Clinic is meeting everyone who visits the clinic as he’s great with dogs and cats alike.

Both my cats love the service here. Never want to leave even after shots. Ladies at the front desk are always friendly. Vets are great. Highly recommend.

-Tina P.

Dr. Skime and Krissy are fantastic! My 6 month old golden retriever ingested sugar free gum and was in pretty serious condition when I brought her in after hours. They worked so hard to bring her back to us:-). Our whole family thanks you for all you do (and Miss Lena too!)!

-Kerry W.

Our Sophie, a new German Shepherd rescue, loves Dr. Mitzelfeldt and staff! They were very kind and welcoming, helping us enter and leave the office without coming into contact with other pets, which helped Sophie stay calm and focused. Thank you for the wonderful care.

-Nancy D.

We've been going to La Crosse Vet Clinic for many years. They have been excellent! I commend them for being very understanding, kind and professional during difficult times. Five stars in our book!

-Dee M.

I love the staff at La Crosse Vet clinic! They are always extremely friendly and helpful, and never make me feel like I'm asking a stupid question, or bothering them with all of my, sometimes off the wall, questions! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my pets! 

-Tiana & Dan R.


La Crosse Veterinary Clinic

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