Our Team in La Crosse

La Crosse Veterinary Clinic has a team of certified veterinary technicians, supervisors, veterinary assistants, and receptionists to assist our veterinarians with their day-to-day tasks. Our team is dedicated to your pet’s well-being and helping them down the road to wellness. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our staff members, call us at (608) 781-3466 or use the online form today!

Tristene Mikel

Tristene Mikel Office Manager

Tristene worked in the food industry for about 20 years before deciding it was time for a change. She went to what she knew and loved—animals. She has trained dogs all her life, and the idea of being able to help animals in different ways appealed to her. Tristene loves veterinary medicine because she gets to learn something new every day, and bond with clients and patients over the years from their first visit to their last. Tristene also values the close connections she has with her team members, and being able to help them resolve problems and grow into their roles.

Tristene and her husband are empty nesters with three grown-up daughters, and they live in the country where the sun shines brighter. They share their home with four goats: Zip, Henry, Hunk, and Zeke. In her spare time, Tristene enjoys training her goats, hiking, kayaking, camping, and bushcraft.

Core Team Members

Krissy, CVT

Krissy BuchheitKrissy began working as a CVT at our clinic in 2009 after earning her associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Madison Area Technical College. One of the things she enjoys most about her position is seeing the love and dedication that pet owners have for their pet family members and being able to make a difference for them. Her own love for animals and the medical aspect of pet care is what led to her position at the clinic. Although she has had many notable experiences with animals, one of her most memorable was actually with a horse, riding on the beaches in Jamaica. Krissy is married with a daughter, son, a dog, and two cats. She spends her free time with family and friends and being active.

Jessica, CVT

Jessica ServaisJessica earned her associate’s degree in veterinary technology, and joined the team in 2011.  She loves working with the close-knit group of co-workers and providing the best possible experience for the patients and clients.  One of her most notable memories as a CVT was when she and Dr. Lee received flowers from a client for delivering a litter of Yorkie puppies on emergency.  Jessica shares her home with her husband, daughter and two cats. She spends her leisure time with family and loves to go shopping with her daughter.

Echo, CVT

Echo VinerEcho has been with our practice since 2012. She has her bachelor’s in education and her associate degree in veterinary technology. Echo is the first Fear Free Certified Professional in our area, and she is also currently the only Low Stress Handling Certified veterinary staff member, too! Echo has loved animals her whole life, and has always enjoyed taking care of them. One of her favorite things about working in veterinary medicine is being able to care for her patients’ physical and mental health. She also finds it rewarding to be able to change an animal’s behavior and help them thrive in their environment.

At home, Echo has a Golden Retriever mix named Morgan, and 2 cats; a Buff cat named Simon and a calico named Little Bit. Outside of work, Echo enjoys reading, kayaking, gardening, being outside in the summer and doing all kinds of different crafts. She is also a huge nerd and loves Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything else sci-fi/fantasy related.

Kaylee, CVT

Kaylee PlantikowOn her way to becoming a CVT, Kaylee attended Madison Area Technical College and University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she earned her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an emphasis on Veterinary Technology. She chose a career path in veterinary medicine because she has loved helping animals since she was very young. Her favorite part of working as a CVT at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic is building lasting relationships with patients and clients. Kaylee and her fiancé Robin have five pets: Shira, a Boxer; Gizmo, a Teddy Bear; Cleopatra, a Siamese; and Meeko and Jasmine, both tabbies. She enjoys spending time on her fiancé’s farm when she’s not at work, and scrapbooking.

Rochelle, CVT

Rochelle was inspired at a young age to become a veterinary technician by her father’s girlfriend, who serves the Jackson County’s Humane Officer. She has her BS degree in animal science from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and her associate degree in veterinary technology from Argosy University Twin Cities. Rochelle is also Fear Free Certified, which means she has extensive training in low-stress handling and other techniques to make vet visits as stress-free as possible for her patients. One of her favorite things about working at La Crosse is being able to educate pet owners about preventative care for their pets. Knowing she has made a difference in the lives of pets and people is highly rewarding! Back at home, Rochelle and her family have a bunch of pets, including: Porsche, a Pitbull mix; Elsa, a Pitbull; 4 cats named Stewart, Sprout, Katniss and Everdeen; and 5 chickens, Nugget, Noodle, BBQ, Dumpling, and Honey. In her free time, Rochelle enjoys scrapbooking, going to garage sales and auctions, buying and selling antiques, and being outdoors with her family.   

Lisa, Veterinary Technician

Growing up, Lisa always loved animals and wanted to do whatever she could to help them. She used to work for animal control while in school, and she knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field eventually. She became the first woman on her mother’s side of the family to finish school. Lisa loves learning something new every day here at the clinic, along with helping and interacting with all of our wonderful patients and clients. She also enjoys getting to share her experiences with our clients to help them better understand their pets’ care and needs.

Lisa has family all over the place, so she gets to do a lot of traveling. She also values spending as much time as she can with her daughter and doing outdoor activities together such as swimming, camping, and bike riding. Lisa’s other hobbies include reading, coloring, shopping, and collecting shot glasses (she just thinks they’re cool). At home, she has an Aussie/Sheltie mix named Roxy and an Egyptian Mau named Jaide.

Melanie, Veterinary Technician

Melanie earned her BS in animal science with a minor in Spanish studies from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and kicked off her DVM program in August 2022. She is Fear Free Certified, and loves seeing all our regular clients and patients come in, watching them grow together and forge a lasting bond. Melanie always had dogs when she was growing up and has family involved in health care, so this inspired her to learn more and join the ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine. Today, she is grateful to be able to share her knowledge with pet owners so they can provide better care for their pets. At home, Melanie has a mixed breed dog named Rosie and a cat named Kinnick. When she has free time, Melanie enjoys hiking, reading, watching TV, and volunteering.

Haven, Veterinary Technician

Haven knew she wanted to work in the veterinary field from a very young age. After working as a veterinary assistant in high school, she got her degree in animal sciences with the intent of attending veterinary school. However, the Covid pandemic began during her senior year of college, and she chose not to return to school. Instead, Haven decided to get hands-on experience with dog behavior modification training before joining our practice. She has multiple certifications, including Certified Animal Care Provide via PACCC, Pet First Aid and CPR, and CGC Evaluator and Trick Dog Evaluator via the AKC.

One of Haven’s favorite things about working at La Crosse is seeing the compassion everyone has for their patients, clients, and coworkers. She has two dogs, Mesa (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Skippy (Hound mix), a corn snake called Kenny, a crested gecko named Lenny, and a red-eyed tree frog named Paddy. Both of her dogs compete in a variety of sports and hold several titles in lures coursing, barn hunting, and other areas. In her spare time, Haven enjoys being in nature and camping, hiking, and paddle boarding.

Taylor, Client Service Representative/Veterinary Technician

Taylor always loved animals and caring for them. She chose to work in the veterinary field because she enjoys learning as well as educating others on caring for their pets—and nothing beats getting to meet new kittens and puppies every day, and seeing them grow up! Taylor also enjoys being able to interact with our clients and their pets, and experience something new each day. Learning more and being able to apply her knowledge to appointments is highly rewarding, along with seeing pets recover from illness or injury. Taylor has family back in Illinois that she visits regularly, and she has 2 pets of her own, a Lab mix named Maverick and a cat named Goose. When she has free time, Taylor enjoys hiking with Goose and Maverick, exploring new trails, baking, hanging out with friends, and trying out new coffee drinks.

Jourdan, Veterinary Technician Assistant

Jourdan had a strong love for animals since she was a little girl, and has always wanted to work at the zoo or with marine mammals. She earned her BS in biology, and hopes to one day move to Florida and work with dolphins and other marine mammals at a wildlife sanctuary. Here at La Crosse, every day brings something different. Jourdan is thrilled to have such an amazing team to work with, where everyone strives to help one another. But the best part of every day is the animals!

In addition to her work as a technician assistant, Jourdan is also a 2LT in the Army national guard, with 5 years’ experience under her belt. In her downtime, she enjoys drawing, painting, and doing all kinds of different arts and crafts. Sheeven has a critter of her own, a black cat named Finley, who can sit, stand, and give paw.

Ava, Office Coordinator

Ava joined La Crosse Vet in January 2020. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology, society, and environment from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. In 2019, she earned the Neil C. Tappen Award for best research thesis in biological anthropology and the UMN. Ava’s favorite aspect of working in veterinary medicine is getting to meet everyone’s pets, and learning about everything that happens behind the scenes at the clinic, from inventory to accounting.

Ava has 3 domestic shorthair cats named Moe, Mai, and Chopper. She also has a Lab/German Shepherd mix named Ludo. When she isn’t at work, Ava enjoys working in her vegetable garden, hiking, and taking her dog swimming.

Tiana, Office Coordinator

Tiana is known around the practice for her positive energy and multitasking abilities. She started out at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic doing paper work part-time, and after spending time with the staff and meeting our clients, she asked to be trained and promoted for the role of receptionist. As she became more comfortable in her role, Tiana started taking on more duties and eventually became an office assistant. She likes the family-oriented work environment here at La Crosse Veterinary Clinic; everyone is treated with respect, and there is a light-hearted atmosphere among the doctors, managers, and support staff. She also loves getting to know our clients and their pets, and following them through the individual journeys. Tiana’s hobbies include camping, playing board games, spending time with her family, and watching TV. She and her husband have 1 child, and they also share their home with 3 pets: Izzy the Pitbull, Yelly, a Leopard Gecko, and Clyde, a Crested Gecko.

Diana, Receptionist

Diana joined our team in 2019. She has had an amazing journey so far; she loves her coworkers and learning new things every day. She chose the veterinary profession because she’s always loved animals and helping others. For Diana, no two days on the job are exactly the same. Every day brings something new and interesting. It makes her feel good to know that she is able to help make someone’s day, just by showing kindness and empathy.

Diana and her husband Jason have 2 grown sons, and 2 dogs named Kloe (Lab/Pitbull) and Roxy (mixed breed). In her free time, Diana enjoys reading, being outdoors, and spending time with her family.

Jan, Client Service Representative

Jan is Fear Free Certified, with an associate degree in applied science. She grew up loving animals, and always wanted to work in the veterinary field. After many years working in other fields, Jan was finally able to switch over into veterinary medicine, and she doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon! She loves helping people take care of their pets and being surrounded by animals every day. Jan also loves being that person that others can lean on when they have concerns, and having the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.

At home, Jan has 2 amazing blue merle Shelties named Halo and Rain. They have such distinct and interesting personalities. When she isn’t working, Jan enjoys naps, spending time with her dogs, horseback riding, working out, binging her favorite shows, and reading a good book. She also likes spending time on the river, either by jet ski or boat. While Jan is a native Texan (and will always be a Texan at heart), she loves it here in Wisconsin.

Huckleberry, Clinic Cat

Huckleberry the catHuck has been with La Crosse Veterinary Clinic since 2017. From greeting clients and patients to getting his daily brushing, Huck brings a lot to the clinic. He’s been known to steal toys from the welcome bags meant for kittens and puppies. Huck enjoys finding things made from plastic or rubber during his free time as he is fond of chewing on them. His medical records would show history of multiple foreign body surgeries so Huck felt living at a vet clinic would really benefit his well being. His favorite part of being a member of La Crosse Veterinary Clinic is meeting everyone who visits the clinic as he’s great with dogs and cats alike.