Get to Know Chezni

Chezni C

Chezni Customer Service Representative

Chezni has had and loved animals all her life. While in high school, she had the opportunity to work at a veterinary clinic and she fell in love with animals even more. Over the years, she worked to gain more customer service experience, and soon found her passion for helping animals in any way possible. Chezni enjoys being a part of our friendly and welcoming team, and she loves getting to see dogs and cats every day and helping them as best she can.

Chezni has two pets; a Beagle named Izzy and a longhaired cat named Natiri. Izzy loves chasing bunnies and cuddling after a long day, and Natiri is a little crazy, but she still curls up next to the family at the end of the day. When she isn’t working, Chezni enjoys boating, kayaking, camping, sledding, and just about everything else that involves being outdoors. She is also an artist, and has had some of her paintings and drawings go to state and be displayed in different art shows.