Learn About Our Clinic's History

La Crosse Veterinary Clinic has quite a lengthy and rich history here in the La Crosse community! Take a brief step back in time with us and be sure to call (608) 781-3466 or book online if you need to make an appointment.

A History of the La Crosse Veterinary Clinic

Our clinic’s history is deeply rooted in the Coulee region of Wisconsin. It has been providing veterinary care for pets and farm animals in the region for more than 60 years.

The Early Years

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La Crosse Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1948, just a few years after WWII, under a name that would be easy for the community to remember. In the beginning, La Crosse Veterinary Clinic served most of the surrounding farms by caring for their cows, pigs, sheep, and horses, and the dogs and cats working on those farms. In addition, the clinic also served as a shelter for stray animals in the township, before there was ever a Humane Society in the area.

Starting To Grow

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In the years that followed, the La Crosse Veterinary Clinic grew and eventually needed four full-time doctors to keep up with the local demand for veterinary care. Still making trips to area farms, the doctors also began to treat pets and developed a surgery, laboratory, and pharmacy at the location where the clinic stands today.

Keeping Up With Change

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By 2005, the La Crosse Veterinary Clinic building had grown in size with many new additions and underwent multiple remodels. In 2010, the surrounding community had become more urban and the demand for veterinary care for pet family members increased to a level that made traveling to farms on the outskirts of La Crosse much more difficult. Therefore, farm calls were discontinued, and all the doctors were kept busy providing pet wellness care, routine and life-saving surgeries, emergency services, dental care, and treatments for a wide range of pet ailments.

See Us Today

History Today

Today, La Crosse Veterinary Clinic is home to a highly skilled medical team of 3-4 veterinarians and roughly 20 support team members. We take pride in the compassionate and fear-free care we provide for local pets and their families. We are grateful for the state-of-the-art equipment and medications we have which help us accurately diagnose and treat ailments, as well as helping us provide safe and more comfortable preventative care. With everything we have achieved over the years, we attribute our success and longevity to our outstanding community and the hard work of our remarkable team.