Dog and Cat Allergy Treatments in La Crosse

There are hundreds of known skin diseases that affect dogs and cats. At La Crosse Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat allergies and diseases of the skin, ears, and nails, with consideration for the specific symptoms of each case. Our team can also perform testing to determine if there is an environmental or food allergy or an infection. Once we determine the cause of your pet’s condition, we can determine the best treatment options, putting an end to their allergy and dermatology discomfort.

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Symptoms of Skin Disorders in Dogs and Cats

In addition to providing high-quality dermatological care and treatment, our goal is to educate you about your pet’s condition and help you prevent future skin problems. Below are some of the most common symptoms that may indicate a skin condition or allergy in your pet.

Please contact us to make an appointment if your pet shows any of these issues:


Chewing on fur

Skin infection (red spots, sores, scabs, bumps, etc.)

Severe dandruff

Skin rash

Hair loss

Dry, oily, or flaky skin


Strong skin/ear odor

Constant licking or chewing of paws

Changes in skin color

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Pet Allergy Treatment Options

Once our team makes an accurate diagnosis of your dog or cat’s allergy, we can arrange for treatment. While not all skin conditions are fully curable, there are many that are, and our animal hospital offers many options to alleviate your pet’s symptoms.

Depending on our official diagnosis, we can prescribe/provide:

  • Oral medications
  • Medicated shampoos, sprays, and mousse
  • Antibacterial ointments and wipes
  • Anti-fungal treatments
  • Specialized foods and treats
  • Supplements

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