Pet Diagnostics in La Crosse

Pet Diagnostics in La Crosse, WI

Thanks to advances in veterinary care, pet diagnostics, and earlier intervention, pets are living longer than ever. La Crosse Veterinary Clinic offers several advanced diagnostic services that enable us to examine your pet internally and treat health conditions more efficiently. For your convenience, we offer most of these services in-house. To schedule an appointment with our veterinarians, call (608) 781-3466 or use the online form!

Laboratory Services

We perform many pet diagnostics tests right here in our modern, in-clinic laboratory. Even if your pet appears healthy on the outside, the results of a blood test, fecal exam, or urinalysis can help us detect the early stages of an illness or disease before your pet starts feeling sick. For tests we cannot perform in-house, we rely on outside diagnostic laboratories that are staffed by veterinary experts. Below is a list of the most common tests we perform in our laboratory.

Veterinarian performing pet diagnostics