Cat and Dog Vaccinations in La Crosse

La Crosse Veterinary Clinic believes in routine, personalized cat and dog vaccination schedules that protect your companion according to their unique needs. We know not every vaccine we offer is going to be necessary for your pet, but we also know their vaccine requirements may shift based on changes in their environment, lifestyle, and other factors. If you have any concerns about the efficacy and safety of our pet vaccines, we would be more than happy to talk to you and put your mind at ease! Our team is here to work with you to make sure your loved one receives sufficient protection with minimal risk to their well-being.

Contact us at (608) 781-3466 or request an appointment online to meet with one of us and update your pet’s vaccines!

Why Routine Pet Vaccination Matters

Routine vaccination is the key to safeguarding dogs and cats against a wide range of preventable diseases. The quality vaccines we carry stimulate your pet's immune system, preparing it to fight off potential threats. By staying up to date with vaccinations, you give your pet the best possible defense.

Below are the vaccines we offer for dogs and cats. Please note that these may vary depending on your pet’s needs.

Vaccines for Dogs

Vaccines for Cats

Information About Pet Diseases

Dog getting vaccine