Fear Free Professionals: Creating Friendly Vet Visits for Your Pet

Our team is comprised of Fear Free Certified Professionals who are trained to understand subtle cues in pets and manage all manner of stressors to make vet visits more comfortable. Regardless of the nature of their appointment, our veterinarians and staff are invested in minimizing your pet’s anxiety and discomfort, and further elevating the quality of their care as a result. Our goal is to make La Crosse Veterinary Clinic even more welcoming and friendly for all visitors.

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What Exactly is Fear Free?

Fear Free is an initiative that allows veterinary professionals, or entire veterinary practices, to learn about animal behaviors the common and not-so-common stressors that affect them, and the techniques needed to mitigate stressors and improve the animal’s well-being. Your pet’s health is not limited to the physical but also includes their mental and emotional state. We believe it is crucial to nurture their mental and emotional needs with the same level of compassion, skill, and attentiveness we do for their physical needs.

Some of the ways we can help reduce stress in your pet:

Give them treats when they arrive and during treatment to keep them pleasantly distracted

Use pheromones to lessen the smells of other pets and make your pet feel more secure

Use non-slip surfaces to keep your pet steady and confident on their feet

Handling your pet with as little restraint as possible and in a way that maintains their comfort

Offering “friendly visits” so your pet can associate the vet with only positive things

Furthermore, Fear Free is about educating you, the pet owner, so you can take steps of your own to reduce your companion’s anxiety or stress. When your pet is stressed, chances are you are too, and by practicing simple stress-mitigating techniques at home, you can greatly improve your experience as well as your pet’s every time you visit the vet.

Click below to see our handout for more information on prepping for your visit.

staff on floor with dog

What to Expect at a Friendly Visit

When you bring your dog to our clinic, they will be given time to get acclimated to the smells and sounds of the facility. Once your pet is more comfortable, they will be taken into a room and offered different treats and rewards. Our goal is to have your dog come to the vet and undergo any treatment they need with minimal fear, stress, or anxiety. Depending on the pet, this may take just a few visits, or it may take longer—and that is normal. We will go at the pace that works best for you and your pet!

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