Get to Know Chris

Chris W

Chris Clinic Support & Maintenance

Chris joined La Crosse Veterinary Clinic in May 2022. She served in the military for 24 years and then 15 years as a Senior Warehouse Specialist for LHI before retiring in April of 2022. Looking for something part-time and being the dog lover she is, this position checked off all the right boxes. She enjoys being part of a team and working to provide the best care for animals.

Chris lives with her wife and partner of 32 years; it is all thanks to her that Chris gets to be a part of our wonderful team. They share a love of animals and treat both animals and humans with the respect they deserve. At home they have 3 Beagles named Kelsee, Doree, and Idgee and 2 cats, Zeke and Lucy Lu. When Chris announces that it’s “time to brush your teeth,” all the dogs get up and gather by the bathroom to have their teeth brushed! In her free time, Chris enjoys reading, doing Sudoku and crossword puzzles, bike riding and hiking.