Get to Know Rochelle


Rochelle Certified Veterinary Technician

Rochelle was inspired at a young age to become a veterinary technician by her father’s girlfriend, who serves the Jackson County’s Humane Officer. She has her BS degree in animal science from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and her associate degree in veterinary technology from Argosy University Twin Cities. Rochelle is also Fear Free Certified, which means she has extensive training in low-stress handling and other techniques to make vet visits as stress-free as possible for her patients. One of her favorite things about working at La Crosse is being able to educate pet owners about preventative care for their pets. Knowing she has made a difference in the lives of pets and people is highly rewarding! Back at home, Rochelle and her family have a bunch of pets, including: Porsche, a Pitbull mix; Elsa, a Pitbull; 4 cats named Stewart, Sprout, Katniss and Everdeen; and 5 chickens, Nugget, Noodle, BBQ, Dumpling, and Honey. In her free time, Rochelle enjoys scrapbooking, going to garage sales and auctions, buying and selling antiques, and being outdoors with her family.