Get to Know Cecelia

Cecelia B

Cecelia Certified Veterinary Technician

Cecelia joined our team full-time in September 2022. She attended Rockford Career College, where she received her associate degree in veterinary technology. Cecelia is also a Fear Free Certified Professional, with extensive training in low-stress handling and other techniques. She chose the veterinary field because she has always loved animals and the science/medical field. She held her first job at a boarding and dog daycare facility and from that point on, Cecelia knew she had to continue her education in veterinary medicine. Her favorite aspect of working at La Crosse is the welcoming environment created by all the staff. She is proud to be a part of a team that strives to make every animal as happy and comfortable as possible, and she enjoys using Fear Free techniques to help patients feel more at ease!

Cecelia’s hobbies include thrift shopping and browsing around antique shops. She does not have any pets of her own yet, but her family does have several pets: a Westie named Louie; an orange tabby named Rufus; a black and white longhaired tuxedo cat named Kitty; and a rat named Tulip.