Skunk Odor Remover

Looking for a Skunk Odor Remover?  Did your curious pooch get a little too close to a skunk?  Do you love your furry friend so much, but can’t stand to be next to him?  Try this home remedy to remove that foul smelling cologne he just tried on.


Image by skeeze on Pixabay

Skunk Odor Remover

1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

1 teaspoon liquid soap

Mix ingredients together and work into coat.  Let mixture sit on coat for at least a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.  Repeat if necessary.  You may have to double or triple recipe depending on the size of dog. Remember to keep mixture out of the pet’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Quick tip:

Hold the dog’s head to prevent them from shaking water on you.  Dog’s begin shaking their body from their head down to their tail.

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