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The obnoxious pest

A flea by Meriam-Webster’s definition is: “any of an order (Siphonaptera) of small wingless bloodsucking insects that have a hard laterally compressed body and legs adapted to leaping and that feed on warm-blooded animals” A flea by Urban Dictionary is: … Continue reading

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Travelling by Car with Pets

Do you know the best place for your dog or cat in your car? Read on to find out how to safely travel in the car with your best pal. Riding in cars with dogs If your dog enjoys travel … Continue reading

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Sentinel:  $10 on 6 dose or $25 on 12 dose (Please go online & register.  Upload your invoice for a paperless submission or print out form & mail in) Parastar, Parastar Plus & EasySpot:  $5 on 3 doses ( Better rebates are … Continue reading

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