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Ultrasounds for Pets

Pet Ultrasound in La Crosse

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe way to examine a pet’s abdominal organs and reproductive system using a handheld device. Unlike X-rays, it uses sound waves instead of radiation to produce an image, based on whether the sound waves are absorbed into the organs or are reflected back. The image is produced in real time and displayed on a monitor. Ultrasounds can be performed alone or in conjunction with a blood test, physical exam, or X-rays.

Although an ultrasound can be performed without anesthesia, there are certain cases in which sedation is required, such as when a pet is uncomfortable in a certain position or unable to remain still for an extended period of time.


La Crosse Veterinary Clinic’s Doppler ultrasound machine can be used for the following:

For difficult medical cases, we have the option of consulting with an internal medicine specialist during the ultrasound procedure. The ultrasound consultation involves the veterinary specialist dialing into our system, allowing him/her to view the same images that our doctor sees. The specialist can control the viewing screen, take pictures and measurements throughout the ultrasound procedure, and direct our doctor to move the handheld transducer a specific direction. This real-time consultation allows our doctors to obtain an accurate and timely second opinion without a specialist being physically in our clinic.

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